Tips, Secrets and Ideas for Decorating with Mirrors

Decorating your home with mirrors can give your home a touch of Vegas. Keep in mind that a constant refrain when it comes to the magic tricks of illusionists is that it is all done with mirrors. The addition of a few mirrors to your decorating scheme can work wonders for your house. Some tips, tricks, hints and secrets to decorating with mirrors are all you may need to save big money while making big changes to your décor.

Partition Mirrors

An effective means of decorating with mirrors is to create a screen of floor to ceiling mirrored panels. This decorating idea can be used to create a partition between two connected rooms that will result in providing a reflection of the entire room. The resulting effect is the potential doubling of the size of the room. An additional decorative element is the utilization of planes set at an angle to create a more aesthetically pleasing quality to your entryway.

Makeup Lights Around the Mirror Perimeter

A reason exists for why you see individual bulbs tracing the perimeter of a makeup mirror in dressing rooms. These lights provide a luminous quality around the reflection that facilitates the effort of making up your face. Even if you don’t really need or use makeup, the addition of these large bulbs around the perimeter of a bathroom or bedroom mirror provides a sense of style and decorative theatricality. This is a secret to decorating with mirrors that makes of theaters have known since the electrical light bulb was invented before Thomas Edison was even born.

Framing the Mirror

A decorating hint that allows you to save money when buying a mirror while creating a pleasing aesthetic that provides you with some artistic freedom lies in choosing to buy a simple frameless mirror at the store. The addition of a fancy frame around the reflective surface not only inhibits your decorating abilities, it tugs mercilessly on the pocketbook. Go for a mirror without a frame and then decorate with style by creating a personalized frame on the wall into which you place the actual mirror. A customized frame built in this way can be crafted from something as simple as a paint job to something as individualized as photographs you have taken yourself.

Oval Mirrors

A long oval mirror can do wonders for your decorating scheme. An oval mirror can serve a break in an otherwise rather drab and dull wall covering. The oval shape of this type of mirror can introduce a level of illusion in the form of creating the sensation of a window place on the wall. One terrific decorating hint when using an oval mirror is to place an object of fascination on the wall directly opposite so that it acts as a focal point to those viewing the mirror from an angled position of a couch or chair.

Buffet Mirror

The dining room is an excellent place to take advantage of the decorative qualities of a mirror. Place a mirror that extends along the entire section of the wall behind and above a buffet. Not only does this placement of a mirror create the illusion of more space, especially in a smaller dining area, but you can use it to create more natural lighting by placing candles on the buffet that will have their flame reflected by the mirror’s surface. A chandelier hanging down over the dining table also benefits from this decorative element by having it illumination doubled.

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