Different Ways of Garden Mulching

Mulching is a very effective tool for maintaining a successful garden. One of the benefits of mulching is that it helps to regulate the temperature of the soil by protecting it against extremes. Other advantages you will reap from mulching include reducing the effects of erosion, keeping moisture contained within the soil and even helping to stem off the growth and negative effects of weeds. A number of options are at your disposal for taking on the task of mulching, allowing you to diversify your approach to discover the most valuable.

Double the efficiency of the task of mowing your lawn by incorporating the clippings into your garden as mulch. Lawn clippings are one of the best ideas for mulching material because they are easily attained and are equipped with usefully high nitrogen levels. Dry your lawn clippings before mixing them with shredded leaves to achieve the maximum benefit. Avoid using clippings from a lawn treated with chemical herbicides.

Straw is a very inexpensive approach to garden mulching. This mulching idea is especially suitable for those living in rural areas who have easier access to the material. The downside to mulching with straw is the rapidity with which is decomposes and must therefore be consistently reapplied.

A yard filled with trees that drop leaves need not be a pain for the gardener. Those leaves represent a mulch that will cost you absolutely nothing. This mulching material is a good idea because when it decomposes the result is a much richer and nutritious soil for your plants. Keep in mind that large leaves left whole can result in a smothering of plants. This negative aspect is easily overcome by shredding the leaves.

You don’t have to live in a rural area to be subject to a never ending supply of pine needles. Those who live in areas where varieties of pine trees are a regular occupant of yards can quickly acquire a garbage bag full of free mulching material. If you don’t have access to pine trees, you can get them at affordable prices at garden centers.

Mulch by definition represents an idea based on decay and decomposition. While stones obviously are not subject to this factor, they can still be utilized as a mulching material. Garden items like trees and shrubs can effectively use stones as a type of ground cover that act like an organic mulch without the necessity of regular reapplication.

Vegetable gardens can benefit substantially from a mulching idea based on using black plastic as a means of warming the soil through radiant heating. A bed of black plastic lain down as a bed into which slits have been cut for transplants and seeds has the added benefit of multiple uses. Roll up this mulching alternative at the end of the growing season, store it, and then reuse it again come the next planting season.