• The Poseur’s Guide to Horror Films, Part Two
    Part two of the Poseur’s Guide to Horror Films takes us from Val Lewton to the impact of the transformation from foreign and uncanny monsters to psychos who look like the guy in the mirror.
  • The Poseur’s Guide to Horror Films, Part One
    The Poseur looking to discuss horror films intelligent has a lot of ahead of him. Enough that the guide will have to expand past one part at the very least.
  • From Grendel to Zombie: Monsters as Descendants of Cain
    Grendel. The Green Knight. Count Dracula. The nameless homogenized members of zombie hordes. These are all members of a family tree capable of tracing their origin back to an unusually precise abstract element of human nature. These are monsters whose very existence challenge preconceived notion of what it means to be human by suggesting that what it means to be monstrous is to be nothing more or less than abomination of the one inviolate code capable of ensuring the propagation of the species.
  • How Gus Van Sant’s Literal Remake of ‘Psycho’ Improves Upon Hitchcock’s Classic
    Almost everyone familiar with Hollywood already knows the secrets of “Psycho” going in, but that was not the case when it was first released. Psycho” prefigures the contemporary dominance of literary irony as the tone of choice for the overwhelming majority of films made today. This foreknowledge of what to expect allowed Van Sant to remake “Psycho” almost exactly as Hitchcock did but defy contemporary conventions by eliminating the irony and creating a film that is actually rather radical in its emotional sincerity.
  • Identifying Common Problems with Toilets and How to Repair Them
    The problem of a toilet that makes a gurgling sound can be approached by checking the stopper ball and making sure it is centered on the valve seat inside the tank. You may need to loosen the screw on the guide of the lift wire and manipulate a little bit. Once this is accomplished, tighten the screw. If this doesn’t fix the gurgling toilet, take a close look at the valve seat and touch it to see if there are signs of pits, corrosion and roughness.
  • Movies Appropriate for Watching on I Love Lucy Day, October 15
    October 15 is I Love Lucy Day, But don’t despair, there are Lucys in this world to love than the one you probably don’t.
  • Movies Appropriate for Watching on National Grouch Day, October 15
    Celebrate the great movie grouches on October 15. That is National Grouch Day. And wouldn’t you rather spend time celebrating this day with movie grouches than real ones?
  • Horror Films of Unrelenting and Uncomfortable Darkness
    Horror films are supposed to be dark. These three go beyond darkness.
  • Best and Worst Horror Movie Endings
    A poor ending can ruin what had been a great horror movie while a fantastic ending can breathe new life into a flick that has only been halfway decent in the lead-up. Here are some choices for the best and worst horror movie endings ever.
  • Emil Brunner and Karl Barth Let’s Get Ready To…You Know…Over Natural Theology
    An analysis of the difference in opinion over natural theology expressed by Karl Barth and Emil Brunner.
  • Little Red Riding Hood and the Temptation of Maturity in Fairy Tales
    The color of that riding hood should not be taken as mere coincidence, of course, since red is perhaps the most striking color of the spectrum and has long a favorite for use as a symbol of sexuality. The plot device that has Red Riding Hood taking off on her journey to grandmother’s house should be viewed in terms of a metaphoric journey toward maturity. The woods in fairy tales are not only dark and mysterious, but more importantly they are overflowing with temptation. The words are the crucible in which Little Red Riding Hood will face a test of her maturity through the temptation that is the greatest obstacle to the process of maturation.
  • Why Grind Keys to the Kingdom if You Know One Day You Will HAVE to Hand Them to Your Enemy?