What is the Secret Mysterious Ingredient in Coca-Cola?

Has the truth been revealed? Or is this another Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop kind of thing the world may never know?

Robot Clones: The Future of Spokespeople and Sales Staff?

Obviously, nobody really expects to be sold their advertisement by the red-lipped girl with the big tricked-out name tag or by cavemen, but our dealings with these companies are constructed upon a familiarity based in part on the corporate spokesman. Many businesses realize this truth and exploit it by decorating their offices or places of business in a way that reflect their spokesmen.

What's Bad for General Motors?

Really, the solution to the problem could not be put in any more simple and insightful terms. If General Motors expects another century of existence that does not end in the exact same needs for a government bailout to save them from their organically bad strategic marketing strategy, they need to set the example for all other companies that they set once before.

Evaluating an Employer Benefits Package

The financial benefits that a company offers its employees vary tremendously. A common element of the financial benefit package is entry into a profit-sharing program and that can be a great thing, but always ask about the specifics involved and analyze whether it meets your specific needs. Some companies lure employees in with the promise of being able to buy company stock and that may sound great, but be realistic about your expectations of the company’s future.

How to Become a Ghost Hunter

Of course, there is absolutely no real reason to confine your official ghost hunting duties to nighttime. Ghosts have allegedly appeared in some places during the middle of the day. Night vision cameras are far more dramatic, however. Since your first ghost hunting experience probably won’t be filmed by a cable network crew, you should inquire about what time of the day or night the alleged haunting usually take place.