Word Origins and Phrase Origins to Make You Smarter

You know, I actually once saw someone “eat their hat.” I don’t want to get into details and because it didn’t come out well in the end…if you get my drift. Anyway, what on earth is that supposed to mean when someone says blah-blah-blah or I’ll eat my hat? Well, I’ll tells ya. It actually has nothing at all to do with headwear so my unfortunate friend could have saved himself a whole load of trouble if he’d read this first. Such a literal guy, he is.

A Writer's Guide to Acting: Now on Amazon

A guide to acting from the perspective from a writer. (Who also has experience in acting and directing.) This is a guide designed primarily for the beginning actor, but that can be of use to anyone interested in improving their craft. Learn how to use setting, relationships, conflict to get to the key element of discovering what each scene is really about. Once that final piece of the puzzle is in place, it’s time to put it all together for the best performance you’ve ever given.

Suggested Topics for Astronomy Research Paper

Pluto may have been officially disqualified as a planet a few years ago, but debate still exists over this decision. A research paper into astronomy could attack this topic from the angle of whether the International Astronomical Union’s decision to downgrade Pluto was correct scientifically speaking or whether it was a questionable decision based upon its impact on the educational system.