A Comparison of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Contemporary American Politics

Prior to Caesar, Rome was a republic ruled by elected white men. Kind of like America at the dawn of the 21st century. But in Rome during Caesar’s ascension to power, his actions seemed to point to a man making a grab to become emperor of the world. Kind of like America in the early 21st century. Unlike in modern day American, however, the Roman Senators who saw Caesar making this grab for power thought it might turn out to be a bad thing. Unlike modern day Senators who facilitate the movement from a republic to something far less, Roman Senators cared enough about keeping what kind of democracy they possessed to take whatever measures were required.

The History of Ancient Herbal Knowledge

The Roman baths weren’t just for illicit sex, you know; they were also important for the actual intention of remaining clean. Fragrant oils and perfumes were derived from everything from almonds to roses. In addition to keeping clean, these oils were also useful for rubbing into the skin to keep it healthy and glowing.

Facts about Chalkboards

Chalkboards do have an advantage over the newer plastic dry erase boards. The surface of dry erase boards are slippery and thus subject to illegible writing. The rougher surface of chalkboards means that writing done with chalk is less subject to smearing and therefore produces a clearer result that is easier to read, especially from a distance.

The 20th Century KKK was Really Just a Pyramid Scheme

Here’s where the pyramid structure comes in, ala Amway. Each of these salespeople, known as Kleagles, received four dollars out of that eight dollars from the ten dollar initiation fee from each new member signed up. In addition, there were also regional supervisors called, get this, Grand Goblins. My God, were these people the biggest nerds in America or what? And all the while that two dollars remained at the very top of the pyramid in the hands of William Simmons.

Lost America: Hobo Signs

Another common sign that hobos left behind was an arch with a dot beneath it. Any hobo still hitching a ride on a train who saw this sign would be inclined to stay aboard and move on to the next city upon seeing that particular sign since it signals that the law enforcement authorities there aren’t particularly open to the hobo spirit.

The Secular Dimension to Medieval Witch Hunts

Although the Catholic and Protestants were both quite hearty in their pursuit of witches, in the countries where witch hunting really flourished there was also a strong secular government backbone. The lesson to be gained from this correlation of a strong religious and secular movement to accept the idea that witchcraft really existed despite not one iota of evidence is that when religious leaders and government leaders become too intimately intertwined, well, seriously scary scat happens!