Unusual Ways to Use Your Microwave

Did you know your microwave is far more useful for keeping you warm than cooking certain foods? Or that it can be used to plump up fruit and make soggy snacks crispy again?

How to Clean Mystery Stains

If the mystery stain is small, make yourself a paste of powdery detergent mixed with water. You want to get a consistency roughly equal to the brain matter inside a skinhead’s skull. Dip your sponge into the paste and apply to the stain. Allow the stained garment to sit for at least 30 minutes and, if the stain is particularly nasty, overnight.

Sabrage: How to Remove the Corked End of a Champagne Bottle with a Blade

At this point, you need to locate your old USMC honor guard saber. Or you Renaissance Fair sword. Or, hey, just the largest and most impressive knife in your kitchen drawer may do. But, honestly, why would you stick with a kitchen knife when you can head down to the local sword store and purchase a saber that will make pulling off the sabrage something that those who watch will never forget.

How to Tactfully Rid Yourself of Unwanted Guests

The most tactful way to get the unexpected visitors who has overstayed the welcome to leave is to announce that you have plans for later that day and you must get started. But always do this with the suggestion for getting together later when at a more convenient time. This method indicates both that you want to hear more about what they have to say…but not at this particular moment in time.

How to Avoid a Beating by a Bully

The better strategy seems unlikely, but it works: move your head toward the incoming fist. You’re going to take a shot to the head regardless so take the opportunity to use your much harder skull as a weapon against the far less protected fingers of your opponent. Not only does moving your head into the punch reduce the risk of whiplash, you deflect much of the power of the incoming punch.