5 Reasons to Consider Changing Your Will

Changing the will is not usually a pleasant experience, but it is often is a very important one. Several situations arise that may spur you to tailor the will to meet the consequences of life’s ever evolving status.

How to Handle a Police Interrogation

Don’t be cocky. For God’s sake, never make the mistake of revealing that you think you are smarter than the cops. And don’t boast. Just express confidence in your own innocence. Because, after all, just the slightest lapse in confidence that the cops can misinterpret as the possibility that you just might not be able to worm your way out of getting away with it can doom you.

The Robocops are Already–and Have Been–Here

They act without any apparent regard for moral instruction whether spiritually divined or obtained in a more secular manner that is capable of providing any authentic understanding of the difference between what is moral and what is immoral and so remain vigilantly engaged in a mechanistic response to the rest of society that is devoid of the capacity for applying individual values within each unique context.

The Subjectivity of Fingerprint Evidence

It was during the infancy of forensic science when fingerprint evidence was still viewed with highly dubious suspicion by most people that Mark Twain included a scene in his story Puddn’head Wilson in which he wrote ‘Every human being carries with him from his cradle to his grave certain physical marks which do not change their character, and by which he can always be identified – and that without shade of doubt or question’. From that point on, suspicion of fingerprint evidence began to decline.

How Michael Brown Transformed America

Positing that the details and circumstances related to the death of Michael Brown were in no way remarkable and were, in fact, excruciatingly routine, the primary sociological lens through which his tragically mundane death genuinely revolutionized the way that the tens of millions of American have come to see law enforcement in America must be attributed to one of the most influential agents of socialization: mass media.