The Trial of the Century: The Sacco & Vanzetti Edition

The America of the Sacco and Vanzetti trial was a time when the government and businesses and the media conspired to make the average Joe fear that danger from without lurked within, just around every corner, waiting to tear apart the very fabric of America by introducing a Godless ideology…hey, wait a minute.

Daryl Hannah: Anti-Sex Trafficking Superhero

Apparently, back in the 1970s when Hannah was a struggling acting student in Los Angeles, she was approached with the offer to go to Las Vegas and shoot an album cover, with the extra lure of all expenses being paid. Things turned wrong once she got there, however. As those paid expenses began to mount, Hannah began to intuit that no debts go unpaid and it wasn’t long before she realized what kind of payment would be expected.

The Magna Carta and the Jury System

The function of the jury in the American judicial system is to attend the trial and deliberate on the evidence in order to provide a unanimous verdict. The point of a jury system is that it is supposed to provide a fair and unbiased examination of the evidence; taking away the power of the judge who may be prejudicial in his decision.