Bass Fishing Tips: Crawfish, Plastic Worms, Smallmouth Habitats and Catching the Big One

Here are some bass fishing tips that will teach you how to use crawfish as a bait, the best choice in plastic worms in clear water and where to find both big guys and smallmouths.

1950s Prom Theme Ideas

The 1950’s were a high time for exact same kind of facial hair coverage many high school boys sport today. Back then, soul patches, Van Dykes and the often-misrepresented goatee were worn mostly by the pre-Hippy social outcasts known as Beatniks. Opposing the Beatniks were the type of kids presented weekly on shows like Leave it to Beaver.

A Brief History of the Necktie

The cravat swept across the English Channel and was adopted by Britain’s King Charles II. It is said that the only thing that spread throughout London quicker than the Black Plague and the Great Fire of 1666 was the fad of wearing the cravat. Even so, it was none other than Beau Brummel himself who did the most to make the tie an institution.

Choosing a Hairstyle to Complement the Shape of Your Face

The heart-shaped face narrows from a fullness at the temple to a delicate chin. Shorter styles should be avoided as it makes the face look a little too heavy along the top. Longer hair parted on the side is much more preferable. The key to cutting hair for a heart-shaped face is to provide more balance to the construction. Let the hair grown down over the temples to cut back on the width of that part of the face.