Hollywood’s Best and Longest-Running Inside Joke

That joke is not nearly as inside as it used to be, of course; today, nearly everybody is in on the joke. For twenty to thirty years, however, Hollywood’s most famous inside joke went right over the heads an unsuspecting public.

What are Some Examples of Kitsch?

Troll dolls used to be called Dammit Dolls. If you want to find out why, check out my article. Troll dolls began popping up in the 1950s, but didn’t really take off until JFK was cheating on his wife with Marilyn Monroe. Or thereabouts. An episode of “Gomer Pyle, USMC” reveals that Gomer kept a troll doll. Bobby Hill on “King of the Hill” has a troll doll collection that his dad, Hank, arranges be disposed of permanently by a man who has come to inspect water damage inside his house.

Dumbest Supermodel Quotes

Yes, Linda Evangelista proved that models really do not have the single slightest idea what life is like under the terms of reality we have all agreed to sign. And if Ms. Evangelista’s bottomless well of idiocy and ignorance don’t do the trick for you, then perhaps some of these other classic dumb quotes from stupid supermodels will convince you that one supermodel discussing another supermodel’s intelligence is roughly as useful as one Geico caveman discussing another Geico cavemen’s good looks.

Top 10 Newspaper Comic Strips

Left without access to his inheritance, Dagwood was forced to enter the working world, where he fell into his complicated relationship with an exemplar of American capitalism, J.C. Dithers, who persists in his belief that ownership of a business invests him with the powers of a despot. The adventures that take place between Dagwood and Mr. Dithers stand as a history lesson of the American labor movement.

Superman's Evolutionary Relevancy

Most attempt to implicate a religious subtext to Superman have stayed clear of his more mainstream appearances on TV and in the movies. This may be partially due to the distinctly Jewish overtones of Superman as messiah created very much in the image of the type of hero that his young Jewish creators likely knew quite well through their shared Semitic heritage.