Barbara Payton: A Cautionary Tale for Party Girls

While engaged to Franchot Tone she began an affair with B-movie king Tom Neal. Payton decided to leave Tone for Neal and that decision resulted in one of the most infamous celebrity brawls in Hollywood history. Tone and Neal went at each other in the courtyard of Payton’s home in Hollywood. When it was over Barbara Payton had a black eye and a reputation as trouble.

The SECOND War of the Worlds Panic

By the time it was all over at least 20 people had died and dozens had been injured. What did Orson Welles get for provoking a little pre-Pearl Harbor fear? He got the chance to go to Hollywood, make Citizen Kane, and marry Rita Hayworth. Paez and Alcaras were a little less lucky. Alcaras was arrested almost immediately.

The Betty

Veronica entices with the lurid promises of the bad girl. Yes, of course, Veronica would be a handful, but the result would be worth it. Nothing gained too easily is worth gaining, after all. Blondes may have more fun, but brunettes are more fun.

Esse Quam Videri

The motto expressed above means “to be rather than to seem” and within that simple concept lies a bottomless pit of hypocrisy. Presidential candidates seem to be interested in the issues, yet waste our time by talking about terrorists from forty years ago nobody cares about and attacking the media as the cause of their intellectual failings.