Why an Emotional Appeal To Donald Trump will NEVER Work

Trump no longer possesses this ability, but what is causing the disconnect from normality is that he no longer possesses something equally vital: he does not understand why his lack of empathy is bad. For him, it’s not a flaw; it’s a strength. It is a show of his character and his commitment.

The Reality Principle: Just Grow Up!

One way that the reality principle can work is through exhibition. In other words, as we grow up we witness more and more the idea that sacrifice of instant gratification must often be made. As our critical awareness deepens we then see that this sacrifice may be made for different reasons. One person may postpone immediate gratification for a more expansive kind of gratification at a later date; as when you make the decision not to go on vacation because you’re saving money to buy a house. Others may postpone immediate pleasure in order to avoid later pain.

How Expressive Mob Behavior Transforms Into Aggressive Mob Behavior

Irrationality in the example of an expressive mob mentality can vary widely. The most common and least problematic example is the irrational belief by the spectator that they are actually part of the team. As this irrational thought takes hold and is exacerbated by a solidifying at the emotional attachment, the potential for the violence more often experienced by members of an aggressive mob or acquisitive mob can increase.