Naked Eye Astronomy: The Best Show in the Universe is Free

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on equipment to enjoy the nighttime sky. With naked eye astronomy you can still see five planets and over 50 constellations.

Why does a Ball Bounce?

. Another important consideration to how far a ball bounces has to do with the material against which it is bounced. For instance, if I were to bet you that I could make a bowling ball bounce higher than a tennis ball you might well take that bet and secretly call me a sucker.

Suggested Topics for Astronomy Research Paper

Pluto may have been officially disqualified as a planet a few years ago, but debate still exists over this decision. A research paper into astronomy could attack this topic from the angle of whether the International Astronomical Union’s decision to downgrade Pluto was correct scientifically speaking or whether it was a questionable decision based upon its impact on the educational system.

How is it Possible to Survive a Lightning Strike?

Lightning itself is really nothing more than a spark of electricity that is created on account of the difference in energy that exists between clouds and the air and the ground. The energy looks to discover the shortest route down to earth and that route may lead to a building, a tree, or a human being. Often a lightning strike hits a human in the shoulder rather than the head and it then travels down the side of the body, shooting down a leg before winding up at its original destination site, the ground.