Whatever Happened to Rainbow Guy aka the John 3:16 Guy?

The latter half of the 1980s were not as kind to Rollen Stewart as the latter half of the 1970s had been. The man who had once been as much a fixture of the American sports scene as Howard Cosell had to deal with his wife taking a powder after he had allegedly choked her, his car and residence was destroyed by a driver who had been allowed to get onto the road after imbibing far too much and he began to increasingly believe that the End was Nigh.

Rules of Ten Pin Bowling

There are ten frames in a game of bowling and the bowler is allowed to roll two balls in first nine frames unless he rolls a strike with the first ball. A strike occurs when the bowler knocks down all ten pins with one ball. A strike is entered on the scorecard as an X in the righthand corner of the frame in which it was bowled.

Is Football the Gayest Sport?

Think about it. If you saw big, burly, muscular guy dressed in outrageously flamboyant clothing highlighted by tight silky pants, one of whom was bent over and offering up his buttocks to be fondled by the hands of the person generally regarded as the most charismatic member of the group, what would be your first impression? That you’d just stumbled upon a homoerotic orgy, right?