The Role of Media Watchdog in Democracies

If conglomeration consolidation of the media can impact something as potentially meaningless as endorsements of politicians, then it stands to reason that their influence on those areas of public opinion that actually do matter may reach deeper than anyone might like to suspect.

The Crisis of Uncommon Nonsense

The idea of Thomas Paine trying to give an intelligent and well reason response live on a 24-hour cable network news show where it seems like practically every story is BREAKING NEWS had the effect of writing the ending for itself. What could be more appropriate than interrupting Thomas Paine to cover the latest bizarre media moment in the Presidency of Donald Trump?

Scrooge: One Year Later

It was Bob’s wife and Fred’s wife who first proposed doing away with Ebenezer Scrooge. “He’s driving me insane,” Mrs. Cratchit whispered quietly to Fred’s fiancé. “He’s always hanging around the house. It seems like he’s here every single afternoon. At first it was pleasant enough, but even all the presents in the world can’t make up for his incessant storytelling. Why, if I hear that story about the three spirits one more time, I daresay I shall run screaming all the way to Dashforth-upon-Leith. My sweet dear, I know he’s your uncle…”