Homer Simpson’s Most Useful Quotes

Yes, truly, you can see how Homer’s wisdom is expressed on the job every day. From customer service reps who provide no help to store clerks who wait until they finish their cell phone conversation before ringing you up, to Walmart managers who ignore the lines seven customers deep at the five checkouts they open out of the forty-five installed, American workers don’t resort to strikes to express their job dissatisfaction. They just do really lousy work.

Daryl Hannah: Anti-Sex Trafficking Superhero

Apparently, back in the 1970s when Hannah was a struggling acting student in Los Angeles, she was approached with the offer to go to Las Vegas and shoot an album cover, with the extra lure of all expenses being paid. Things turned wrong once she got there, however. As those paid expenses began to mount, Hannah began to intuit that no debts go unpaid and it wasn’t long before she realized what kind of payment would be expected.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Darth

Anyone looking around today can see that despicably evil acts are committed hourly, but it’s a tragic and long-lasting mistake to attribute evil acts to evil people. Nobody is born evil. It is learned and even more importantly—as is illuminated so brilliantly by the story of Anakin—most people who commit truly evil acts not only don’t believe they are doing so, but are convinced they are saviors. Anakin Skywalker becomes convinced he is bringing peace to the galaxy; Hitler was convinced the world would thank him for exterminating the Jews.

The Christian Identity Movement Why Are They Not Being Racially Profiled?

The Christian Identity members as well view the actions of their leaders with suspicion, but firmly hold onto the notion that America is the promised land. For the Christian Identity members, America still holds out the promise of redemption and salvation; it will merely require a substantial reorganization based on segregation and deportation of the impure elements