The 10 Most Mind-Boggling Oscar Nominations Ever

The second thing to keep in mind is that despite surviving the sinking of ship in freezing cold water, Kate Winslet on that chunk of ice looks not terribly worse than when stripping down for a Leonard DiCaprio whose makeup makes him look all of twelve years old. The most important thing to keep in mind is that when Kate Winslet’s character is portrayed as an old woman…she is actually played by an old woman! Combine all those elements together and the result is a boggled mind.

How Social Issues Impacted Oscar Fashion Thru the 1970s

The post-war boom meant opulence was no longer a dirty word and the more provocative and attention-getting the style, the better. Silk and satin came back with a vengeance, but this time without the slim design made necessary before. Long gowns were complemented with real furs and if the fashion of the 1950s made one thing clear it was that the flat look of the flappers was dead and buried. Décolletage was everywhere, even among those stars whose body was much suited to those 1920s gowns.

Discontinued, Rejected and Overlooked Categories at the Oscars

Considering the huge impact that perfect casting or astoundingly bad miscasting can have on the success of movie, the fact that stunt work becomes a central component of an increasing percentage of films with each passing years and that the title sequence is in many cases the most memorable part of a movie, the Governors seem to be hellbent on keeping the Academy Awards’ reputation as stubbornly keeping behind the times intact.

Academy Awards Party Ideas

The Oscar telecast can become quite tedious and unbelievably dull at some points, not unlike a bad B-movie. Anyone who has ever watched the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 can tell you that no matter how awful the movie, it can be made entertaining by giving license to people to comment, or riff, on what is taking place on the screen.