Iron Eyes Cody and Other White Actors Playing Indians that Native Americans Find Amusing

Is the image of white guys playing the Indians in westerns offensive to you? Imagine how offensive it must be to Native Americans. Of course, an argument can be made that laughter is the most subversive form of insurrection.

The 20th Century KKK was Really Just a Pyramid Scheme

Here’s where the pyramid structure comes in, ala Amway. Each of these salespeople, known as Kleagles, received four dollars out of that eight dollars from the ten dollar initiation fee from each new member signed up. In addition, there were also regional supervisors called, get this, Grand Goblins. My God, were these people the biggest nerds in America or what? And all the while that two dollars remained at the very top of the pyramid in the hands of William Simmons.

Lost America: Hobo Signs

Another common sign that hobos left behind was an arch with a dot beneath it. Any hobo still hitching a ride on a train who saw this sign would be inclined to stay aboard and move on to the next city upon seeing that particular sign since it signals that the law enforcement authorities there aren’t particularly open to the hobo spirit.

American Immigration Policy: Forward to the Past

1965-Immigration Act
This legislation basically fixed the inherently racist and unfair quota system that had marked immigration policy in the US. It did away with the national origins system, provided for easier immigration from non-Western Hemisphere nations-though I still say the Western Hemisphere is the best doggone hemisphere in the world-and increased the number of overall immigrants allowed.

Edward Teller: He is Become Death, Destroyer of J. Robert Oppenheimer

The testimony was non-stop and lasted three days and if you think his lawyers were supplied all the information given to the Feds then you probably also think there exists some enormous pile of WMDs in Iraq that will one day not only be found but will be found surrounded by the dead bodies of Saddam’s cadre of Al Qaeda soldiers. Was there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Oppenheimer’s security clearance would be denied? Was there ever any doubt that he would be cleared of all charges?

Gabba gabba hey.

There’s a happy end of sorts to this sad, pitiful story of loser named Teller. Too bad this teller didn’t even have the dignity to keep quiet like our contemporary Teller and if he can keep quiet in the face of the pile of rubbish spouted by Penn then why on earth would Edward Teller not keep quiet in the face of an intellect that towered over his own?