Tips on Tire Codes and Tire Maintenance

A brief overview of those codes on your tires and what they mean. In addition, there are tips on maintaining your tires to increase safety, economy and comfort.

What is the Overdrive Button for on an Automatic Transmission?

When the overdrive button on an automatic gear shift is not depressed, or in the on position, which it where it should be 99% of the time, it is saving you money in gas by lowering the revolutions per minute (RPM) of your engine. Because the transmission is essentially in full control of deciding the optimal gear the car should be in during any particularly everyday kind of driving condition, the overdrive button acts to save on wear and tear in the gear system, which will also save you money.

The 100-MPG Car is Here, But not Really HERE

Essentially, then, if you already own a gas hybrid vehicle you already own a car that get 100 miles to the gallon. If you don’t things get more complicated because it still remains difficult to get your hands on a hybrid, but don’t go jumping for joy just yet if you are one of the lucky ones. Transforming that gas hybrid engine your car came with into one that net you those spectacular mileage figures isn’t easy and doesn’t come cheap.