Movies about Early Rock and Roll

Tom Hanks’ directorial debut was refreshingly simple instead of the typical overbloated epic that actors often pick in order to show how serious they are about directing. The time period of “That Thing You Do!” is the early 60s when attempts to actually create a day in which rock music died were finally jettisoned in reluctant favor of acceptance and assimilation.

How 'Terror in the Haunted House' Uses Subliminal Imagery to Provoke Emotional Response

“Terror in a Haunted House” was released at the height of the B-horror gimmick craze exploited to greatest effect by director William Castle. Along with gimmicks like wiring random cinema seats for a joy buzzer effect and allowing audience members to take out an insurance policy against being scared to death was Psycho-rama. That’s just a marketing term for the insertion of subliminal images. Unlike with subliminal advertising, Psycho-rama utilized quick flashes of imagery to intensify on a subconcious level certain expected responses to what was happening on screen.