Naomi Wolf's Beauty Myth and Self-Loathing

The underlying ideological thrust of everything connected to pursuing “the Beauty Myth” is driven not by its success in making women feel beautiful, but its success in creating self-loathing among women who buy into its existence.

Choosing a Hairstyle to Complement the Shape of Your Face

The heart-shaped face narrows from a fullness at the temple to a delicate chin. Shorter styles should be avoided as it makes the face look a little too heavy along the top. Longer hair parted on the side is much more preferable. The key to cutting hair for a heart-shaped face is to provide more balance to the construction. Let the hair grown down over the temples to cut back on the width of that part of the face.

The Media and Influence on Body Image

Most of these commercials tell their audience that they will gain self-confidence by losing weight. Not only that, but they will get a better looking mate and even land a better paying job and all because they got physically fit. The message that attractiveness means so much more than fitting into a smaller pair of jeans has gotten to the point where people whom not even Hollywood advertising execs would dare deem overweight are actually obsessing about weight loss.