Movies Made for Streaming in the Middle of the Night

The Cruel Tower is one of the strangest old black and white movies I have seen. I’m not really sure what’s odd about this movie, but there is just something about it that is a little weird. It starts off with a guy getting attacked by hobos on a train and kicked off. He’s picked up by a gentle giant and falls in with three guys who make a living doing work on top of water towers and stacks. They go to work for a former burlesque queen known as The Babe and there is the requisite love triangle.

Zotz!: Bullet-Time 37 Years Before the Matrix

The term “bullet time” was registered as a trademark by Warner Brothers in connection with the breakthrough special effects introduced in “The Matrix.” While there is no denying that the bullet time effects are stunning and deserving of dropped jaws, the plain honest truth of the subject is that an admittedly much more primitive concept of bullet time was literally utilized in “Zotz!” for much more comical effect than was achieved in “The Matrix.”