Unclaimed Lost Money: How it Got Lost and Where to Find It

Billions of dollars in lost money is waiting for you. You may not get rich, but the effort could be enough to pay for a dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town.

What's Bad for General Motors?

Really, the solution to the problem could not be put in any more simple and insightful terms. If General Motors expects another century of existence that does not end in the exact same needs for a government bailout to save them from their organically bad strategic marketing strategy, they need to set the example for all other companies that they set once before.

The Media and Influence on Body Image

Most of these commercials tell their audience that they will gain self-confidence by losing weight. Not only that, but they will get a better looking mate and even land a better paying job and all because they got physically fit. The message that attractiveness means so much more than fitting into a smaller pair of jeans has gotten to the point where people whom not even Hollywood advertising execs would dare deem overweight are actually obsessing about weight loss.