Hollywood’s Christmas Babies: Actors Born on December 25

This Christmas baby is one of those actors whose face you will immediately recognize despite the name being utterly unfamiliar. If you grew up watching “Gilligan’s Island” and I say the words “feels good” while smacking my fist against my chest, you will know who I am talking about.

How Loki Played a Part in the Mistletoe Tradition

Loki enters the story at this point in a way that says much about why he is so dang difficult to defeat. Depending on the version of the story you read, Loki’s decision to create some deadly arrows from the wood of that very mistletoe tree that Frigga felt was unworthy of consideration in her obsessive-compulsive need to protect her son was the result either of a brief diversion of his vengeance against Thor onto Baldr, the result of a developing jealousy of Baldr who basked in the love of not just his mother but everyone else or the result of simply seeing yet another opening to prove how incredibly smarter he was than any other creature in any of the Norse realms.