Top 10 Newspaper Comic Strips

Left without access to his inheritance, Dagwood was forced to enter the working world, where he fell into his complicated relationship with an exemplar of American capitalism, J.C. Dithers, who persists in his belief that ownership of a business invests him with the powers of a despot. The adventures that take place between Dagwood and Mr. Dithers stand as a history lesson of the American labor movement.

Superman's Evolutionary Relevancy

Most attempt to implicate a religious subtext to Superman have stayed clear of his more mainstream appearances on TV and in the movies. This may be partially due to the distinctly Jewish overtones of Superman as messiah created very much in the image of the type of hero that his young Jewish creators likely knew quite well through their shared Semitic heritage.

The Betty

Veronica entices with the lurid promises of the bad girl. Yes, of course, Veronica would be a handful, but the result would be worth it. Nothing gained too easily is worth gaining, after all. Blondes may have more fun, but brunettes are more fun.

Visit the Barker Character, Comic and Cartoon Museum

The Barker Museum is not just a chance for kids to browse through the history of pop culture, but it also present an opportunity for the shock of recognition of characters adults have long forgotten. The underlying beauty of the museum is the revelation that things that are wildly important to kids eventually get tossed into the trashbin of memory. Only by being reminded by discovery do some of the characters that meant so much to you when you were a kid yourself begin to resurrect in your consciousness.

Is the Joker the Real Dark Knight?

The Dark Knight is not really a movie that casts the Joker against Batman. The movie is really set up to place Batman in opposition to Harvey Dent. Batman, as is perhaps overstated in the movie, represents the incorruptible force of goodness. And yet, as is clearly seen not only in the movie but in real life, good actions often produce bad results.