Tips on Tire Codes and Tire Maintenance

A brief overview of those codes on your tires and what they mean. In addition, there are tips on maintaining your tires to increase safety, economy and comfort.

10 Ways to Save Money

Do you find yourself reading beneath an overhead lamp that is wasting energy by lighting the 90% of the room where you ain’t? Invest in some small lamps, use more energy efficient CFL bulbs and direct the light only toward where it is needed. Why waste money illuminating an entire room when you only need light right in front of you?

Stewart's Key Lime Soda: The Taste of Summer

I cannot adequately explain why Stewart’s Fountain Classics key lime drink taste like summer. It is a much trickier proposition than explaining the aroma of autumn. There is just something about the lime flavoring, artificial needless to say, that brings rushing forth memories of the beach without, fortunately, the accompanying misery of sweat running down your back and neck and legs and crotch.

How to Beat Bank Charges

When you open up a checking account, be sure to ask specific questions and get specific answers in regard to overdraft charges. Inquire about things like overdraft charging fee amounts, electronic monitoring of your checking account and notification from the bank if your account does become overdrawn and whether the bank offers the option of allowing you to deposit money to avoid bouncing a check.