The Best Itchy and Scratchy Shorts

Skinless in Seattle would not qualify as one of the best of the Itchy and Scratchy shorts on “The Simpsons” were it not for one specific element. The short is only tenuously related to the movie that provides the punny title and some may find the fact that the best joke in the short involves an utter lack of a violent outcome as Itchy’s ammo fails to hit Scratchy waiting down below the Space Needle.

Why the Most Despised Simpsons Episode May be its Best

The Simpsons did an episode before this that touched on many of the same concepts; the episode that briefly introduced Poochie into the world of Itchy and Scratchy. But that was a cartoon with a show and it was quite obvious that the show was making fun of the long, demented history of TV shows that are sliding downward attempting to perk up interest by introducing a brand new character into the mix.

Homer Simpson’s Most Useful Quotes

Yes, truly, you can see how Homer’s wisdom is expressed on the job every day. From customer service reps who provide no help to store clerks who wait until they finish their cell phone conversation before ringing you up, to Walmart managers who ignore the lines seven customers deep at the five checkouts they open out of the forty-five installed, American workers don’t resort to strikes to express their job dissatisfaction. They just do really lousy work.