How Michael Brown Transformed America

Positing that the details and circumstances related to the death of Michael Brown were in no way remarkable and were, in fact, excruciatingly routine, the primary sociological lens through which his tragically mundane death genuinely revolutionized the way that the tens of millions of American have come to see law enforcement in America must be attributed to one of the most influential agents of socialization: mass media.

Fight Club: Violence, Capitalism and American Identity

For those who don’t see America first as a center of inexplicable violence the prevailing opinion might be that it is a country made up of people who believe they can buy and sell anything, even an identity and Fight Club takes up this idea by presenting its characters as ordinary Americans trapped in a web of rampant consumerism where status is determined not by what you make, but by what you consume.

The Media and Influence on Body Image

Most of these commercials tell their audience that they will gain self-confidence by losing weight. Not only that, but they will get a better looking mate and even land a better paying job and all because they got physically fit. The message that attractiveness means so much more than fitting into a smaller pair of jeans has gotten to the point where people whom not even Hollywood advertising execs would dare deem overweight are actually obsessing about weight loss.