Living Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating your living room ideally calls for the implementation of ideas that serve to give the space a defining character and personality that reflects your own. Utilize the elements of interior decorating in such a way that they contribute to this aim.

Tips for Arranging Furniture

Long, narrow living rooms should be arranged so that the furniture helps to cut the perception of length. Place chairs or the sofa or even a desk at right angles to the wall to create defuse the problem of the narrow shape. A corner unit is an effective way to deal with the problem of where to put the TV.

Tips for Decorating with Wood

In addition to being a dreadful Diana Ross movie, mahogany is a nearly perfect wood for sturdy furniture to be made from. Mahogany is very versatile when it comes to décor because it features a variety of grains and shades. Mahogany is often stained to make it darker and that rich dark quality makes for an effective contrast to an interior design scheme that focuses on cool colors.