Runt: The Musical is a Great Idea for a Sequel to Disney’s Chicken Little

If “Cars” is deserving of a sequel, why not “Chicken Little” Especially when it has some unique features that would allow it to become the best cartoon sequel ever.

The Little Mermaid Dark Ride That's Not Part of Your World

The ride begins on the surface of the water as you ride past Eric’s ship, but then the most infectious music in Disney history kicks in and Sebastian the crab begins to sing about being under the sea. At that point the the Little Mermaid ride actually dips down into the water and riders are literally placed under the sea where they enjoy a hot crustacean band while the surface of the ocean shimmers seemingly far above them.

Essential Tips for a Disney World Trip

Although Disney can never be appropriately termed empty, there are two specific months and one two-week period in another month that screams out for your attention. January is a definitely a great time to travel to Disney World because the crowds are thinned due to people going back to school and paying off Christmas debt, as well as the temperate climates.