Feeling Dissatisfied? Capitalism and Big Business Could Be to Blame

Capitalism feeds on consumer dissatisfaction and boredom. Bringing down capitalism doesn’t require tanks and nukes. All it takes is a billion people saying no at the checkout line. Become a revolutionary and end your feelings of dissatisfaction.

Religion, Ideology and Globalization

World history today is being ghostwritten in terms of religious extremism and political imperialism, but when the fevered emotions directed toward the outrageous actions of a few extremists are pared away, it becomes clear that without the globalization of the economy, those driven to commit violent acts would have little opportunity.

What is Georgism and How Can it Save America?

Georgism is an economic theory that supports the concept that those who have improved the land through actual labor have a right to property on the land. The land itself, however, remains forever in the ownership of society at large. Henry George’s solution was to tax the full and complete economic rental of the land by taking all land value that was created through population growth.

How to Write a Marxist Critique: Jaws

That small window for profits is all-important to the Mayor in Jaws. His job depends upon getting re-elected and in turn that chance for re-election depends not upon keeping the population at full number, but on making sure those cash register ring and ring throughout the summer season. That, in a nutshell, is what Marxist critique is all about; following the money and finding how economics drives the narrative.