Learning About Film Noir from Noir Movie Quotes

When the world around you has ceased to make the sense that it seemed to make for several millennia and you realize you are all on your own, you have to go for the gusto. Being in charge of your own response to the whirling hand of the bitch goddess Fortuna is the most power you can ever hope for.

Janet Leigh: Critical Appreciation of a Versatile Actress

Placing “Touch of Evil” and “Angels in the Outfield” side by side reveals that Janet Leigh rises above the likes of Kim Novak, Tippi Hedren, Doris Day, and other cool blonde beauties of her era. One need only watch “Psycho” and “Touch of Evil” after catching “Midnight Lace” to see that Leigh was capable of reaching dramatic heights Doris could only dream of, despite Day’s claims of emotional breakdowns.