Tips for Properly Storing Food

Tips on proper storage of fruits and vegetables so you don’t wind up losing taste and vitamins.

Favorite Recipes for Pork Chops, Bacon and Ham

The way I cook my bacon is to lay down the strips in the pan and fry it over a low heat so that it doesn’t get brittle on me. As the aroma begins to fill the house, I augment the effect by adding to it the exceptionally mouth-watering bouquet of Tabasco sauce. I pour about two teaspoons into the pan and let the bacon cook in a taste-tempting mixture of its own rendered fat and the famous hot sauce from Avery Island, Louisiana, which I purchase by the gallon.

Movies to Watch on World Chocolate Day, July 7

This dark-hued political allegory turns the mundane tradition of raising money by selling chocolate bars into the centerpiece for an examination of ideological control and rebellion against authoritarianism. Chocolate becomes a symbolic stand-in for every product that has set in motion conflict between opposing forces throughout the history of civilization.