Pinball: Public Enemy Number One

Although pinball machine precursors have existed since the 1800’s, it was really the 1930’s that saw the introduction of what is thought of historically as a pinball machine.

Best Flush Poker: A Poker Variation

Although best flush draw poker may be seen as rather simple, it does offer a few opportunities for complexity in the form of bluffing. Players with a four-flush may decide not to draw for the fifth card and try to bluff the others into thinking they already have the full flush, for instance.

A Never-Miss Way to Win at Charades

So the best way to ensure that you win has less to do with your own ability to guess the others, since you have no control over that, and more to do with the making it impossible for the other team to get one of your guesses. That means coming up with a title that is fairly obscure enough that someone can’t guess it, and also contains words that are difficult to accurately pantomime.