Best and Worst Horror Movie Endings

A poor ending can ruin what had been a great horror movie while a fantastic ending can breathe new life into a flick that has only been halfway decent in the lead-up. Here are some choices for the best and worst horror movie endings ever.

Halloween Costume Ideas Based on Comedy Movie Stock Characters

The simplest of all Halloween costume ideas. It doesn’t matter what you wear because people will instantly recognize you as one of the most annoying and recently introduced of comedy stock characters. Wear what you want, but never forget to dispose of the first person pronoun. When referring to yourself, use your name. “Jack doesn’t like bobbing for apples. Jack thinks that’s for little girls. Jack bobs for French fries!”

Halloween Costume Ideas: Contrast Your Real Personality

. If you aren’t familiar with electric football, the players all posed on rectangular stand that moved in concert with the rhythm of electrical current being supplied to a metal field. You can choose whatever you want to create the base out of; the tricky part is making it mobile. Don’t forget to paint it green and to practice your method of locomotion that looks as though you are shakily proceeding forward or around and around in circles.

Cheap Halloween Costumes Materials Around the House

Poster board can be used for cheap Halloween costume ideas in a number of ways. If costume is going to be a king or queen, you can easily make a crown from poster board. Really, when you think about it, you could potentially make any kind of headgear you need for a Halloween costume from posterboard. You know, like one of those long, tall, pointy hats that a princess wears with the streamers coming from them?

Ideas for Building a Halloween Haunted House

Buy some Styrofoam that you can cut into the shape of headstones and paint them gray. Then paint funny epitaphs on the tombstones like Rest in Pizza or Do Not Disturb. A graveyard by itself is somewhat incomplete, however, so you want to get some thick hard pretzels that you spread on the ground in front of the tombstones. Then cover the pretzels with leaves and grass and inform your visitors that not all the bodies got buried properly. When they step near the tombstones the pretzels cracking beneath their shoes will sound like bones snapping.