Janet Leigh: Critical Appreciation of a Versatile Actress

Placing “Touch of Evil” and “Angels in the Outfield” side by side reveals that Janet Leigh rises above the likes of Kim Novak, Tippi Hedren, Doris Day, and other cool blonde beauties of her era. One need only watch “Psycho” and “Touch of Evil” after catching “Midnight Lace” to see that Leigh was capable of reaching dramatic heights Doris could only dream of, despite Day’s claims of emotional breakdowns.

The Making of Hitchcock's Psycho

Janet Leigh’s celebrity at the time that “Psycho” was released was at its fever pitch which made her sudden, shocking and violent death halfway through the film such a vital element of the film’s infamy. Scarlet Johansson is currently a recognizable celebrity due to, well, I’m not really sure. She has yet to give a memorable performance and her status as great Hollywood beauty seems quite premature and overreaching.