Hollywood’s Christmas Babies: Actors Born on December 25

This Christmas baby is one of those actors whose face you will immediately recognize despite the name being utterly unfamiliar. If you grew up watching “Gilligan’s Island” and I say the words “feels good” while smacking my fist against my chest, you will know who I am talking about.

Alamo Village in Brackettville Texas: Jean Baudrillard’s Theory of the Simulacra Come to Life

In a famous essay Jean Baudrillard utilizes Disneyland as the perfect simulacrum because it takes such pains to recreate Main Street, USA and other locales within the theme park that when people leave they no longer accept the reality of similar locales as being authentic and instead replace the reality in their minds with a simulation that they want to be the genuine article. Alamo Village took this idea to its logical extreme.