Onryo: What’s the Deal with Those Creepy Girls with Long, Straggly Black Hair in Asian Horror Films?

Kabuki gets all the press, but Noh theater actually has a more ancient tradition in the culture of Japan. And buried deep within the Noh tradition is a character known as Onryo, which is a ghost intent on revenge from the afterlife. Interestingly, the Onryo has often been compared to the Jewish tradition of the Dybbuk. Both are certainly ghostly manifestations who arrive for vengeance, but the Onryo is more unpredictable.

The Host is the Best Monster Movie Since the Original King Kong…and Maybe Even Better Than That

The sequence in The Host takes place later in the film and by that point we’ve gotten to know the two main characters that are the focus of the chase sequence and therefore we are emotionally involved. What happens is not just punishing emotionally, but is directed exquisitely and actually manages to use slow motion to brilliant effect. (I think that may be the first time since Raging Bull that this happened.)