How Michael Brown Transformed America

Positing that the details and circumstances related to the death of Michael Brown were in no way remarkable and were, in fact, excruciatingly routine, the primary sociological lens through which his tragically mundane death genuinely revolutionized the way that the tens of millions of American have come to see law enforcement in America must be attributed to one of the most influential agents of socialization: mass media.

How Expressive Mob Behavior Transforms Into Aggressive Mob Behavior

Irrationality in the example of an expressive mob mentality can vary widely. The most common and least problematic example is the irrational belief by the spectator that they are actually part of the team. As this irrational thought takes hold and is exacerbated by a solidifying at the emotional attachment, the potential for the violence more often experienced by members of an aggressive mob or acquisitive mob can increase.