1950s Prom Theme Ideas

The 1950’s were a high time for exact same kind of facial hair coverage many high school boys sport today. Back then, soul patches, Van Dykes and the often-misrepresented goatee were worn mostly by the pre-Hippy social outcasts known as Beatniks. Opposing the Beatniks were the type of kids presented weekly on shows like Leave it to Beaver.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Contrast Your Real Personality

. If you aren’t familiar with electric football, the players all posed on rectangular stand that moved in concert with the rhythm of electrical current being supplied to a metal field. You can choose whatever you want to create the base out of; the tricky part is making it mobile. Don’t forget to paint it green and to practice your method of locomotion that looks as though you are shakily proceeding forward or around and around in circles.

Academy Awards Party Ideas

The Oscar telecast can become quite tedious and unbelievably dull at some points, not unlike a bad B-movie. Anyone who has ever watched the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 can tell you that no matter how awful the movie, it can be made entertaining by giving license to people to comment, or riff, on what is taking place on the screen.