Emil Brunner and Karl Barth Let’s Get Ready To…You Know…Over Natural Theology

An analysis of the difference in opinion over natural theology expressed by Karl Barth and Emil Brunner.

Locke, Hobbes and the Importance of the Family Structure to Society

Political society for both Hobbes and Locke represented a transformative approach that sought to deny divine intervention into the affairs of men and instead shift the onus of creating a state deemed natural to a contractual one that is entered into, under the best circumstances, with full acceptance of what probably should not be termed inalienable rights to liberty, but nonetheless should be considered a state of nature in which liberty is a right of birth.

Alamo Village in Brackettville Texas: Jean Baudrillard’s Theory of the Simulacra Come to Life

In a famous essay Jean Baudrillard utilizes Disneyland as the perfect simulacrum because it takes such pains to recreate Main Street, USA and other locales within the theme park that when people leave they no longer accept the reality of similar locales as being authentic and instead replace the reality in their minds with a simulation that they want to be the genuine article. Alamo Village took this idea to its logical extreme.

Lyotard, Baudrillard and Language Games, Oh My!

Such is Baudrillard’s contention that reality has been co-opted by a hyperreality is that he has even written that in traditional terms the first Gulf War did not take place. Although he doesn’t deny that military engagement took place, he does argue that these confrontations were in reality a media construction of the idea of a war. The Gulf War was simply not a war in the conformist idea that history books and movies have created in the public psyche. War in the traditional sense has involved at least two military powers engaged on the battlefield face to face in a death match over territory, economics or ideology.