What are Some Examples of Kitsch?

Troll dolls used to be called Dammit Dolls. If you want to find out why, check out my article. Troll dolls began popping up in the 1950s, but didn’t really take off until JFK was cheating on his wife with Marilyn Monroe. Or thereabouts. An episode of “Gomer Pyle, USMC” reveals that Gomer kept a troll doll. Bobby Hill on “King of the Hill” has a troll doll collection that his dad, Hank, arranges be disposed of permanently by a man who has come to inspect water damage inside his house.

Facts about Chalkboards

Chalkboards do have an advantage over the newer plastic dry erase boards. The surface of dry erase boards are slippery and thus subject to illegible writing. The rougher surface of chalkboards means that writing done with chalk is less subject to smearing and therefore produces a clearer result that is easier to read, especially from a distance.

The Robocops are Already–and Have Been–Here

They act without any apparent regard for moral instruction whether spiritually divined or obtained in a more secular manner that is capable of providing any authentic understanding of the difference between what is moral and what is immoral and so remain vigilantly engaged in a mechanistic response to the rest of society that is devoid of the capacity for applying individual values within each unique context.

Dumbest Supermodel Quotes

Yes, Linda Evangelista proved that models really do not have the single slightest idea what life is like under the terms of reality we have all agreed to sign. And if Ms. Evangelista’s bottomless well of idiocy and ignorance don’t do the trick for you, then perhaps some of these other classic dumb quotes from stupid supermodels will convince you that one supermodel discussing another supermodel’s intelligence is roughly as useful as one Geico caveman discussing another Geico cavemen’s good looks.

The Passion of the Tinker Bell

Tink’s impolitic attitude toward this romantic rival for Peter’s affections is quite clearly delineated in a conversation between Pan and Wendy: “She says you are a great ugly girl, and that she is my fairy” It doesn’t take long to realize that in Tinker Bell’s mind there is a place for only one girl in Peter’s life, even if that girl is a fairy.

The SECOND War of the Worlds Panic

By the time it was all over at least 20 people had died and dozens had been injured. What did Orson Welles get for provoking a little pre-Pearl Harbor fear? He got the chance to go to Hollywood, make Citizen Kane, and marry Rita Hayworth. Paez and Alcaras were a little less lucky. Alcaras was arrested almost immediately.