How King Kong Expresses the Fear of a White Nation

King Kong the original can be read as a treatise on the fear of the white man that black men would take away their women and their power.

The Reality Principle: Just Grow Up!

One way that the reality principle can work is through exhibition. In other words, as we grow up we witness more and more the idea that sacrifice of instant gratification must often be made. As our critical awareness deepens we then see that this sacrifice may be made for different reasons. One person may postpone immediate gratification for a more expansive kind of gratification at a later date; as when you make the decision not to go on vacation because you’re saving money to buy a house. Others may postpone immediate pleasure in order to avoid later pain.

Which Pooh Eeyore You?

I won’t sit here and write that a series of Disney cartoons can do something that trained psychologists cannot. I have no scientific evidence upon which to base this article. I write this article from personal experience. I know for a fact that there was something about Eeyore’s depressing perspective that I identified with. I know for a fact that I have personally heard from other depressed people who have said the same thing. I know for a fact that over the years I have read accounts on the internet from depressed people who have mentioned childhood identification with Eeyore.

How 'Terror in the Haunted House' Uses Subliminal Imagery to Provoke Emotional Response

“Terror in a Haunted House” was released at the height of the B-horror gimmick craze exploited to greatest effect by director William Castle. Along with gimmicks like wiring random cinema seats for a joy buzzer effect and allowing audience members to take out an insurance policy against being scared to death was Psycho-rama. That’s just a marketing term for the insertion of subliminal images. Unlike with subliminal advertising, Psycho-rama utilized quick flashes of imagery to intensify on a subconcious level certain expected responses to what was happening on screen.

The Da Vinci Coding of the Oedipal Complex into Freudian Intellect

Freud began his revolutionary reinterpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci after claiming to have unearthed psychoanalytic evidence of a traumatic event that took place during Leonardo’s formative years. Freud maintained that Leonardo, who was the bastard son of a lawyer and an underclass young woman, endured a tortured relationship with his often absent father and so turned to his mother for love and approval.