Talent Show Genre Predates Sitcom in TV History

“Songs for Sale” aired on CBS between 1950 and 1952, but the history of “American Idol” and its contemporary copycats can be traced even further back than that! Less than half of one percent of US households even owned a television set when “Doorway to Fame” premiered on the old Dumont Network in May 1947.

What If Presidential Debates Were Structured More like `The Price is Right’ and `Jeopardy’

How many people have watched “The Price is Right” and rolled their eyes or even shouted to the TV screen about the idiocy of some contestant who bids ridiculously over or under what a certain well known product costs? If you think that some guy who works in an office somewhere is an idiot because he can’t come within three dollars of knowing how much three cans of soup costs, then what would you think of a Presidential candidate who is equally oblivious?