From Grendel to Zombie: Monsters as Descendants of Cain

Grendel. The Green Knight. Count Dracula. The nameless homogenized members of zombie hordes. These are all members of a family tree capable of tracing their origin back to an unusually precise abstract element of human nature. These are monsters whose very existence challenge preconceived notion of what it means to be human by suggesting that what it means to be monstrous is to be nothing more or less than abomination of the one inviolate code capable of ensuring the propagation of the species.

The Secular Dimension to Medieval Witch Hunts

Although the Catholic and Protestants were both quite hearty in their pursuit of witches, in the countries where witch hunting really flourished there was also a strong secular government backbone. The lesson to be gained from this correlation of a strong religious and secular movement to accept the idea that witchcraft really existed despite not one iota of evidence is that when religious leaders and government leaders become too intimately intertwined, well, seriously scary scat happens!

Christianity and Female Empowerment

Despite the assumption of the female to a more blessed state in the wake of the Virgin Mary, however, there has been a concerted effort through the years to point to such elements as the refusal of the Catholic Church to allow women to become priests as evidence that the stultifying patriarchy still stands as an obstacle to Christianity’s empowerment of women.

Creationism Aztec Style

There has always been a question to how so few Spanish soldiers could have dominated so many Aztec warriors, as well as questions to why Aztec emperor Montezuma acted in such an indecisive manner that probably sealed his fate. The answer may just lay in his belief in this creation myth and how the Spanish soldiers may have represented destruction of yet another world at the hand of Quetzalcoatl.