Little Red Riding Hood and the Temptation of Maturity in Fairy Tales

The color of that riding hood should not be taken as mere coincidence, of course, since red is perhaps the most striking color of the spectrum and has long a favorite for use as a symbol of sexuality. The plot device that has Red Riding Hood taking off on her journey to grandmother’s house should be viewed in terms of a metaphoric journey toward maturity. The woods in fairy tales are not only dark and mysterious, but more importantly they are overflowing with temptation. The words are the crucible in which Little Red Riding Hood will face a test of her maturity through the temptation that is the greatest obstacle to the process of maturation.

Unusual Aphrodisiacs

. You just knew there had to be a really good reason to call an animal a sperm whale, didn’t you? Research into ambergris has shown that rats who receive it act like a fifteen year old boy who stumbled into the Hooters dressing room at just the perfect moment. Give a man some ambergris on Saturday morning and you’ll be sore by Monday Night Football.

The Media and Influence on Body Image

Most of these commercials tell their audience that they will gain self-confidence by losing weight. Not only that, but they will get a better looking mate and even land a better paying job and all because they got physically fit. The message that attractiveness means so much more than fitting into a smaller pair of jeans has gotten to the point where people whom not even Hollywood advertising execs would dare deem overweight are actually obsessing about weight loss.