Vitamins and Minerals Recommendations for Golfing, Running and Racquet Sports

Golfers, runners, joggers, tennis players and racquetball players all require certain supplemental vitamins and minerals to excel in their individual sports.

The Origin of American Football and Cheerleading

The game as played from that point forward to the first decade of the 20th century shifted and transformed and eventually looked more like rugby and resulted in more and more violence until a game took place in 1905 that resulted the death of an astonishing 18 players. Noted elephant killer and President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt issued a call for the game to be changed to diminish such violent or else face banishment.

A Beginner's Guide to Curling

The rock ain’t just another bad Michael Bay flick. That piece of granite with the handle is know as the rock and can weigh up to 44 pounds. You may have noticed if you have watched curling that the player doesn’t actually push the rock. The proper way to get the rock sliding is to thrust yourself forward with one leg trailing behind you and release the rock.

Whatever Happened to Rainbow Guy aka the John 3:16 Guy?

The latter half of the 1980s were not as kind to Rollen Stewart as the latter half of the 1970s had been. The man who had once been as much a fixture of the American sports scene as Howard Cosell had to deal with his wife taking a powder after he had allegedly choked her, his car and residence was destroyed by a driver who had been allowed to get onto the road after imbibing far too much and he began to increasingly believe that the End was Nigh.

Tips for First Time Kayak Users

The wet exit is a much smoother way to get out of a kayak than a dry exit. It also looks cool to onlookers. You must capsize your kayak completely to accomplish this. After turning the boat upside-down, you should remove the skirt from the cockpit by using a firm pulling motion. Carefully remove your hips and legs from the boat.