What Does Yoda Know in The Phantom Menace

What if Yoda knows that Anakin will bring balance to the Force? But, and here is where it attains a moral murkiness appropriate to the brilliant ambiguity that permeates the prequel and thereby makes them superior, what if Yoda knows the only way that Anakin can bring balance to the Force is by not interfering with the natural course of events?

Why the Star Wars Prequels Are Better

The original trilogy holds a special place in the bosom of American moviegoers precisely because we view ourselves comfortably in place of the Rebels. Americans revel in their historical construct as rebellious underdogs constantly at war against an easily identified and unquestionably evil empire. Hence, the reason most Americans love the original trilogy has much to do with placement of ourselves in the role of the inheritors of the mantle of the Jedi.

Actor Reinvention: Carrie Fisher

Why did England’s Daily Mail feature a story with an accompanying photo of a three decades younger Carrie Fisher attired in her infamous bikini from “Return of the Jedi” with the headline “Will she don THAT bikini?” but not a story asking if Harrison Ford will be donning THOSE tight cavalry pants he wore in the same film?

It Takes a Village to Raise a Darth

Anyone looking around today can see that despicably evil acts are committed hourly, but it’s a tragic and long-lasting mistake to attribute evil acts to evil people. Nobody is born evil. It is learned and even more importantly—as is illuminated so brilliantly by the story of Anakin—most people who commit truly evil acts not only don’t believe they are doing so, but are convinced they are saviors. Anakin Skywalker becomes convinced he is bringing peace to the galaxy; Hitler was convinced the world would thank him for exterminating the Jews.