Did John Lennon Predict the Fall of the Berlin Wall from Beyond the Grave?

According to psychic Bill Tenuto, he has voice recordings of the late John Lennon speaking after his assassination and predicting that 1989/1990 would witness a wholesale change in the world that would lead to peace.

From Grendel to Zombie: Monsters as Descendants of Cain

Grendel. The Green Knight. Count Dracula. The nameless homogenized members of zombie hordes. These are all members of a family tree capable of tracing their origin back to an unusually precise abstract element of human nature. These are monsters whose very existence challenge preconceived notion of what it means to be human by suggesting that what it means to be monstrous is to be nothing more or less than abomination of the one inviolate code capable of ensuring the propagation of the species.

Onryo: What’s the Deal with Those Creepy Girls with Long, Straggly Black Hair in Asian Horror Films?

Kabuki gets all the press, but Noh theater actually has a more ancient tradition in the culture of Japan. And buried deep within the Noh tradition is a character known as Onryo, which is a ghost intent on revenge from the afterlife. Interestingly, the Onryo has often been compared to the Jewish tradition of the Dybbuk. Both are certainly ghostly manifestations who arrive for vengeance, but the Onryo is more unpredictable.